August 2022 Content Update [Final]

Cute asian school girls walking back to home

Good day to you all and welcome to read what is my final monthly content update. Since I am pretty caught up with my work and produce individual posts for each content requiring a blog update, there is no longer a need to make any more monthly posts going forward – Everything will be posted separately.

Adult gaming news

Though having officially “ended” adult gaming news, you may have noticed that every now and then I am still pushing out news out of old habit. 3D Nsfw art is my new direction on the site and now that I have got to work on it for a while, in the coming months, you will see the website restructured to reflect this on the home page and elsewhere.

EroGuySensei will always remain a place to discover adult games regardless of my new direction, and currently, I still try to find the time to bring you the latest and greatest nsfw gaming news, albeit simpler than what you may have grown used to.

I want to remind you that my 3D nsfw art takes priority over the gaming news, but if you wish to support me solely for the news, you are more than welcome to do so on Patreon.

Room Girl Banner

Premium content

EroGuySensei will slowly roll out premium content in the coming months in order to start producing income outside Patreon. Not everyone has a Patreon account and I understand not everyone wants to create one just to get their hands on exclusive content. I want to make the process easier for those who want to support my work here on EroGuySensei and be rewarded for it.

For starters, the premium content will include variations from the gallery and certain comics. To make sure there is no confusion on this, I still continue to produce free content for everyone to enjoy. My Patreon content is simply making a slow transfer to EroGuySensei for easier access.

Danger in The Bath

Just yesterday, I let you know in my last post that the Comic page has been updated. You can now enjoy 44 pages of the Danger in The Bathtub comic while waiting for the project to finish later this month.

Even though the project was originally meant to be only a month-long, I could not help myself from extending it in order to add more story and sex scenes. This is my first comic project to publish and I want to make sure that the quality is as high as it can be. I know it could be even better, but my current work schedule does not allow me to go all out on the bubble/foam and other special effects for each page, which is unfortunate because that was my original vision.

Now that you can finally enjoy the second half of the comic, perhaps the remaining time waiting for the comic to finish will not feel too long. Even though I have enjoyed the time working on the DITB, I really want to wrap this up so that I can start working on the next nsfw comic featuring a new character.

Before changing the subject, I want to remind everyone that there is Early Access to DITB on Patreon which will give you access to all the current pages and new ones as soon as they get finished. You will also get a name mention at the end of the comic to let everyone know that you were there to show your support when EroGuySensei made his first comic ^^

DangerInTheBathtub Promo - Hentai - NSFW

Halloween is coming

Though it may be a bit soon to make the announcement, I thought since this is my final content update, I might as well let you know about it now…

With only a couple of months away from Halloween, I am already preparing for it by slowly acquiring the necessary assets for Daz to produce Halloween-themed NSFW art and a short comic.

Resident Evil will play a big role during the month and if I am able to acquire enough assets depending on the Support on Patreon, I aim to make a Resident Evil nsfw comic parody. For a while, I have wanted to try out a third-person camera for my artworks and Resident Evil being mostly a third-person series would be a perfect time to go for it.

As we get closer to Halloween, you will get to enjoy artworks featuring Jill valentine and Lady Dimitrescu. I am also saving up to purchase Dimitrescu’s sisters, Heisenberg, Claire Redfield, Aida Wong, Chris Redfield, Nemesis, Leon, and several other Resident Evil characters for my future projects, but this is a long goal for the rest of the year and beyond.

lady dimitrescu naked on a dinner table

Thank you all who have been following my monthly content updates, I hope they have been an interesting read. I apologize for the months of doom and gloom, canceled projects, and broken promises. It is not easy to run EroGuySensei while working a nine-to-five job and taking care of personal daily duties and social life, but thanks to your continued support, I am still here producing monthly content.

It is a great joy to see just how much the website has grown over the year and how the recently changed direction is finally starting to show the fruits of my labor with increased traffic to the site and steadily growing interest in the Nsfw gallery.

I try my best to create the kind of content you want to see from me and will make effort to start putting out surveys to find out what specific content you want to see more of in the future. With everything said and done, I’ll see you in the next post!

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