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Welcome to follow EroGuySensei news of September! This month is going to be a busy one due to the release of Koikatsu Sunshine. Halloween is getting closer and in preparation to celebrate it with all of you next month, I have gathered a month’s worth of horror-themed adult games to cover!

Evenicle 2 will finally start getting new content outside the free demo, showcasing what the Japanese full-version has to offer. DoHna DoHna is getting a promotional page and a roadmap in preparation for releasing the first chapter fully translated next year.

But before all this, let’s take a look at all the content I was able to bring you last month (August):

Updated description:

August turned out to be a very productive month despite one week where there was a lack of content due to me being busy with my nine-to-five job, but I think it is quite expected by now that I cannot stretch to both directions at all times throughout a month. Considering previous months, this has been a record-breaking amount of content if only by a few more uploads.

I had especially fun time bringing you Maitetsu Last Run. Despite its strong presence of featuring loli characters that tend to shy many away from it, it is a gorgeous work of art that definitely deserves more attention. Being sold on PlayStation 4 and Switch (Maitetsu: Pure Station), naturally, the game is having more exposure than what can be said of many other visual novels out there, but the Last Run!! is still not localized to English so there is that for the developer to aim for.

Kalyskah on the other hand was a surprisingly ambitious project reminding me that we are living in an era of the very first AAA-level adult games made by small-budget Indie developers whose innovation and great effort will put big adult games studios on their knees showing what real adult games are supposed to look like. Having played countless lewd games for many years now, it is my personal observation that many big and popular adult video game studios tend to rely on making games in which entertaining and high-quality gameplay is overlooked and ignored in favor of lewd content, Koikatsu Sunshine being the latest fresh reminder of this…

Table of content:

Koikatsu Sunshine Review

Outdoor pool in Koikatsu Sunshine

Last year, I gave you the Koikatsu Party review as one of my last video reviews, before HuniePop 2. Not even the long-awaited Subverse was enough to give me the will and strength to return to make a review in video format when the game was finally released in Early Access on Steam, but little did I know Koikatsu Sunshine would be the one game to push me over the edge wanting to tell the world what I really think about it. This is something I can only express through spoken words rather than text. Having said that, I am working on a Sunshine review in a classic EroGuySensei video format as a special exception.

Nowadays I really cannot afford the luxury of time to do these kinds of projects, but there is something about Koikatsu Sunshine that needs to be said, not only to those looking to buy the game but to Illusion as well. Even when it can take a long time to make with my hectic schedule, I am determined to see it through.

For the month of September, before the big review, I am simply focusing to upload basic content of Koikatsu Sunshine to let everyone see what the game has to offer. This includes things such as gameplay, character creator, and hentai.

Once done with Koikatsu Sunshine, I have already announced to return back to Koikatsu Party to bring a comprehensive sex demonstration video, as well as cover the After Party DLC that was localized to English earlier this year. This is to celebrate the release of Koikatsu Sunshine.

If you cannot bear to wait for the possible English localization of Sunshine and wish to learn how to purchase the Japanese version right now, know that I am working on a purchase tutorial and will release it sometime soon within this month. The tutorial will go over how a person living outside Japan with a Paypal account can get through the purchase-, download-, and install process.

Depending on the popularity of Koikatsu Sunshine, I may also reserve some time to translate some key information about how to play the game in Japanese.

Sexy anime girl sunbathing at a beach

First Impressions

Koikatsu Sunshine is a delightful sight to see having been released in Japan, but also a grim reminder of Illusion’s utter laziness in game design and innovation, even after well over two decades of making video games. They have become far too comfortable being one of the only companies around making high-quality 3D adult games for a full AAA price and it shows in their latest creation better than anything you will find in today’s mainstream gaming.

The most frustrating part about Koikatsu Sunshine is that it gives no more than the bare minimum for the full price, yet manages to be worth the price it asks while still leaving the player feeling ripped-off after the experience.

Koikatsu Sunshine theoretically cannot be called a brand new game, it is almost the same game as Koikatsu Party, bundled with all of its DLCs, with a couple of new characters and a brand new small game world to walk in. It feels like having bought Koikatsu Party expansion, only for a full price of AAA game. This alone does not make Koikatsu Sunshine a disappointing experience, no, it is what comes after the fact, but that is something I will save for the review.

For those who have been excited for Koikatsu Sunshine, I do not wish to leave you hanging thinking the game is unplayable or not worth your time. While it definitely is a demonstration of Illusion’s lack of competence in modern video game development, it is still all that you can expect from Koikatsu Party and more. So, if you enjoyed the previous game, you will most likely enjoy Sunshine as well.

Anime girl sitting on a bench

EroGuySensei Halloween 2021

Sexy horror girl with breasts exposed

Ever since I began EroGuySensei back in 2017, I have missed the chance every single year to celebrate the month of Halloween with my audience, but this is the year to break the curse!

It has been a tedious process trying to find worthy horror-themed adult games to cover but having prepared early, ever so slowly, I have managed to gather a month’s worth of horror-themed adult games to surprise you with, starting next month.

You will get a chance to learn about what entertainingly horrific adult games are out there; some of them gross, some chilling, some even guro-based. Those who have followed me for a long time know that I absolutely cannot stand blood and gore in hentai, but that does not mean I judge those who enjoy it, after all, we are all freaks in the eyes of others just the same, and as someone who covers adult games without personal agenda, it is often the case I end up playing many games I would never play personally, all in the name of diversity content-wise.

Halloween is the only excuse I get in a year to do something completely out of character and provide a look at the dark side of hentai. Whether it will be a success or not, only time will tell. After the month of October has passed, I will be holding a poll on the front page asking whether people would like to see EroGuySensei Halloween 2022 based on this year, or if it is something that simply does not work with the mainstream audience and people would rather enjoy normal adult games on the month of October in the future.

Let me know if you have a specific horror-themed adult game in mind that you would like to see me cover. For those wondering from what game the above thumbnail is from, you will have to wait for the next month to find out.

Evenicle 2 Project Update #3 [Final]

Sexy anime girl exploring dark cave

Evenicle 2 will finally start receiving more content starting this month. For those aching to see a glimpse of what new areas and delicious adult scenes the game holds inside beyond the playable English demo, the wait is almost over!

Since Evenicle 2 is already in the works to be localized to English by Alicesoft, I will remind once more and for the last time that the videos I provide of Evenicle 2 are not going to be translated for more than what is necessary, for this would be a waste of time seeing as we will get the official translated version of the game eventually.

Evenicle 2 coverage is a Patreon reward accessible for everyone in celebration of having reached my first 10 patrons, and by now I have passed over 20, which is absolutely amazing! As my Patreon support grows, I am able to afford more expensive and high-quality games to bring to your attention in greater detail each month. It is thanks to my Patreon supporters that you will get to enjoy Evenicle 2 content before its official English release that is somewhere in the near future.

Working towards playing through Evenicle 2 and bringing my review of it eventually, I will be providing monthly content of the game for your enjoyment. This is my last update on the game featured here in the EroGuySensei monthly news blog post.

After I have delivered the first look at the game beyond the English demo, I will be ready to finally announce my second Patreon goal. Until then, stay tuned for this month’s Evenicle 2 content!

DoHna DoHna English Project Update #5

DoHna DoHna English Translation with Mistress

While August turned out to be a very productive month, unfortunately, there is no new segment I am able to share of DoHna DoHna at this time. Having said that, this does not mean no progress has been made for the last month.

The unfortunate side of my current situation of translating DoHna DoHna is that much of the content that I have been translating for a while is menu-based or elements not fitting for an interesting video presentation.

The lengthy visual novel segment that I have been working on little by little is something I wish to upload as a full segment rather than in pieces and I have been patient to see it through despite the lack of content on DoHna DoHna’s part here on the site. But even I can start feeling the pressure after months of not being able to give anything worthwhile, after all, DoHna DoHna is still the most viewed content on the site and thus it is not in my favor slacking on the job.

Since I began translating DoHna DoHna, I have received emails from my viewers more and more asking about the project, most of them confused thinking I am on a quest to translate the entire game when that is not the case at all. A few have even approached me offering to collaborate to help with the translation by providing assistance on putting my translations into a patch for the game, but since I am not translating DoHna DoHna from start to finish, such collaborations have fallen short in interest on my part.

Had I quit EroGuySensei adult video game coverage a while back, I would most likely now be working as a full-time adult game translator, but such was not the path for me to take just yet as I am still seeing if I can make the adult video game coverage career path work now that things have finally turned for the better. As much as I would love to translate DoHna DoHna completely, I simply do not have time for such an immense task at this time in my life.

To put a stop to the confusion of what my project is about for those just discovering it for the first time and in the future as well, I have been working on a DoHna DoHna English project summary page to promote the translation project that will help shed some light to the situation once and for all. Naturally, it will also act as a page to gain support for the project.

I am aiming to open the promotion page somewhere at the end of the year once I have enough translated content to show everyone how the first chapter will look with a polished design. As people are starting to be quite anxious to know just how long they are supposed to wait for the first chapter to be finished, I will be providing a roadmap for the project upon finishing the promotion page. Know that the first chapter will be finished in 2022 with a more specific date announced along with the roadmap.

Seeing as there are some new faces here, I will repeat myself and tell that DoHna DoHna is not something I get to work on full-time nor does it take priority over my adult video game coverage work here at Right now, I work on it with the little spare time and energy I have left each day and wish not to make the project something to stress over. Knowing this, I thank you for your interest in the project and ask for patience as I work hard to deliver the next piece of content of DoHna DoHna.

I was hoping to bring a translated segment of The Witch’s Endless Corridor further into the game from what you have already seen from the trailer page, but it appears that Koikatsu Sunshine has fully booked me for this month and the next one as well so I just have to wait on it. For the month of September, I will still be providing more adult scenes from the game as a sample, even if not translated.

Later this month, I will be returning to take a look at Wild Life and its progress thus far. As the month goes by with new games being brought to your attention, behind the scenes, I will continue to update old game descriptions to the modern look with more information available.

With everything said and done, this has been my September news post. Again, I thank all my patrons on Patreon for another month of support, you are really starting to make a difference in the amount of content and the quality of it that I am able to bring to all of you!

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  1. Yo!, It’s been a while since I last came here, seems like got a whole month of content to catch up to 😀

    Good to know you are a fellow cant-stand-blood-in-my-hentai kind of guy <3 but Im still curious to see which games you will bring to the spotlight in October, I always like to know about those games even though I can't stand to play them myself.

    Oh I got a recomendation…Phasmohentaia is a horror themed game (even though is more of a parody game than an horror game XD) with exploration and puzzles in first person. Is not a complete game but I think it is kinda charming and has quite some content.

    You can get it from his page

    1. Hey Kionashi, glad to hear from you ^^

      Phasmohentaia seems interesting enough for me to try it and see if it has potential to be featured on the site. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope you will enjoy the month of Halloween 🙂

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