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Hello everyone and welcome to follow the EroGuySensei news update of October! Since there are some important matters to discuss and I wish that as many of you can read about them as possible, I will keep this one short and straight to the point, not to overwhelm my readers.

last month content (September):

Table of content:

Important announcement

For an entire week now, there has not been any content as I have been busy with unexpected personal matters that I needed to take care of which came in the way of my work here at EroGuySensei. I am still finishing things up for the week, not able to bring out new content for at least a few days, my apologies for the inconvenience.

In an unexpected turn of events, I have been given a new job opportunity too good to pass on. To make sure I do not say anything that may turn out to be false or change soon after, I have wanted to make sure the discussions with my new employer are rock solid and I know what this would mean for EroGuySensei and my ability to produce content in the future.

As some of you have already seen, my ability to create content consistently and frequently right now is less than satisfactory. Being caught in between work and social life, as well as daily obligations leaves very little time to work on EroGuySensei as it is. And now faced with a new challenge that will require my full attention for the coming months, it is not hard to imagine how this will affect the upload frequency…

What I already know at this point is that my new job will require me to travel overseas for two-week job orientation, which after I will return back home to start the job for real. During this period, there will be no new content provided due to having no access to my workstation with all the games and editing software.

On the off chance that things will not work out for operating EroGuySensei while newly employed, I will not take any chances to jeopardize my chance at a better life which the new job grants me. After all, I have already been running EroGuySensei for 4 years now and see no signs of being able to go full-time anytime soon. Given the situation, it is only natural that I wish to pursue happiness elsewhere.

This does not mean that I will be shutting down EroGuySensei. I am simply giving a reason for my absence for the next few weeks while in job orientation, as well as preparing you for a new content upload rhythm as we draw closer to the end of the year. Naturally, there will be some drastic changes in order for me to adapt to my new work schedule but I will fill you in about these in next month’s news update (1st of November).

I am yet to confirm the specific date of my flight for the month of October, but as soon as I know, I will create a separate announcement. I understand that this comes in between the Halloween event but I hope you can understand that my hands are tied on the matter. We will still get to celebrate it, even if just a little. The horror titles not getting a chance to be featured this month will simply carry over to the next ones, thus squeezing themselves in between normal content.

Halloween Celebration

Sexy horror girl with breasts exposed

Celebrating the month of Halloween, the website will be featuring horror-themed adult games for the entire month! Some of the titles I have prepared for you do feature subjects that may be unpleasant to some viewers, but I will do my best to bring them to your attention in good taste that respects the nature of my overall content while still providing a sufficient amount of information about these games.

Not all games prepared for the month are bound to be gross or repulsive, many of them simply follow the spirit of Halloween with a light horror theme, free of blood and gore. It has been my aim to provide a wide variety of horror-themed adult games to satisfy everyone equally. Whether I have succeeded in this, only time will tell.

After the month is over, I will be providing a poll on the home page asking what you thought about the games featured and whether the event is something you wish to see in the future as well. I hope you will enjoy the event!

DoHna DoHna English Project Update #6

Evil anime villain in front of a giant war machine

There has been a long pause on uploading DoHna DoHna content, something I never planned on but now wish to correct. Having seen some of you raising their concern over the health of the project, I wish to assure you that there is no need to worry. One of the main reasons why I have not been able to bring anything worthwhile to your attention is simply due to time restrictions and prioritizing over EroGuySensei main content – Progress has still been made nonetheless.

To show my progress sooner rather than later, I have been experimenting with different upload models that could provide monthly content of DoHna DoHna while still working on the translations. My latest content: Evenicle 2 Beyond Clinical Trial is the answer I wish to implement for DoHna DoHna as well in order to start providing early content before the project is finished.

What I will do, for those who are not aware of the latest Evenicle 2 translation project, is that I will be splitting the entire DoHna DoHna project into episodes not yet translated, and work my way to update the episodes with translated segments, slowly completing the episode and moving to the next one. This way you will have your hands on the content early while being able to return to the episode once it is translated. Whenever a new translated segment is ready, there will be an announcement to let you know.

While Evenicle 2 translation project is one receiving translations occasionally, DoHna DoHna will receive them more frequently as this is the main translation project I am working to complete as soon as possible. It is my hope that with this new upload model, the project will finally step out from the state of absence on the site and finally start producing frequent updates, as has been requested.

New DoHna DoHna content is set to start releasing next month, November, right after Halloween! In addition to the first chapter (aka Episode 1), you will get the opportunity to enjoy full-length episodes and adult scenes going beyond the first chapter! However, do keep in mind that episodes beyond the first chapter are not going to receive translations, at least, not for now.

Due to personal matters which I am still working on, I did not manage to bring an update on Wild Life that I had planned for last month. Now with the month of Halloween on our hands, I will simply move the content to November.

This has been the news update of October. Look forward to all the horror-themed adult games for the month and I will see you in the next news update! Before I go, I would like to thank my Patreon supporters for the continued support that has allowed me to feature adult games that otherwise would have not been possible, including the ones reserved this month as well. Have a nice Halloween everyone!

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  1. Heeeey, Im glad you got an opportunity to get a better job!, I hope everything goes well. I will keep supporting you as long as Im able to afford it so don’t worry if you have a slow month or two. Your quality of life comes first.

    Looking forward those Halloween games

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