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Hey there and welcome to read about what is going on behind the scenes of EroGuySensei. I hope you all had a spooky scary Halloween!

During the month of Halloween, I managed to bring you only a small portion of my original list of games centered around erotic horror, due to my job transfer that took place this month and is still a work in progress. With an aim to finish the list of horror-themed adult games to bring to your attention, I will continue to introduce them within my normal monthly content in between other content that is not horror-related.

This month is all about DoHna DoHna! In a shocking turn of events, out of nowhere comes with a fully translated version of Alicesoft’s latest ero JRPG – an online video game retailer that began its operation in 2020 and has completely gone under my radar until now. More about this later…

Last month content (October):

The month of October ended up being the slowest month for the longest time, naturally due to having to focus on my transfer to a new job. It is also a grim reminder to me and you that the luxury of time I have to create content each month is running thinner, and the amount of content you have enjoyed each month thus far should not be taken for granted. It is something I will not be able to keep up without a sacrifice of other areas of my life that are crucial to my well-being mentally, physically, and financially.

Despite the short-lived month of Halloween, it was not a complete failure, as this is the very first time in 4 years that I have managed to celebrate Halloween in any shape or form. Being able to bring even a few horror-related games in midst of a busy schedule is a reason for me to celebrate and improve upon next year.

Due to the low number of games that I was able to introduce from my original list, there will be no need for a poll to query about the Halloween event, something that I stated in the last month’s EroGuy news

“The Way Home” and “I Walk Among Zombies” ended up being two very interesting titles to play and get to know. It is quite nice to see that despite the lack of horror-themed adult games out there in the market, there are still few worthy mentions, and hopefully, this genre will grow more popular over time.

DoDoHna DoHna English Project Update #7 [FINAL]

Anime girl  holding hand against glass in a rainy night

Ever since having announced the DoHna DoHna English translation project, I have been facing great challenges trying to fit the time to translate the first chapter. My work, social life, and other daily obligations, along with the main content of EroGuySensei, have all made sure that bringing new monthly content of DoHna DoHna has stayed nonexistent after the first few months.

Now that I finally have a solid plan to start releasing the content that fits in my busy lifestyle, and had already planned my first translated episodes for this month following the example of Evenicle 2 translation project, out of nowhere comes bringing a complete English translation of DoHna DoHna, thus releasing me of any further need to translate the game.

At first, I could not believe my eyes and simply thought this must be just some scam site or an unofficial low-quality fan translation or something, but no, is a fully functioning video game retailer, new in its business that provides premium adult games similar to DLsite, Dmm, MangaGamer, JAST USA, and other trust-worthy sites to purchase eroge.

I am yet to make myself familiar with their other products that I look forward to bringing to your attention but you can now wait in great excitement for new DoHna DoHna content in just a few days that will highlight both the gameplay and adult scenes, fully translated!

Naturally, this news marks the end of my translation project of DoHna DoHna, and I will be going over my old DoHna DoHna content to update the information and links as soon as possible.

The end of EroGuySensei Monthly News

Since November 2020, I have been bringing you Monthly news of EroGuySensei consistently. I have enjoyed the opportunity to let you hear from me beyond the content that I offer here on the site, and get to know me as a person, even if just a little.

The monthly news has acted as a way for you to learn of things yet to come, but it has also turned into a list of promises that have often gone unfulfilled or only partly fulfilled – the Halloween event being yet another latest example of this.

Something that was supposed to be a positive impact on the users of this site is mostly just a black and white statement of my own incompetence to run the website as efficiently as I would hope in midst of my ever-growing workload and obligations in personal life. It has turned into a game of catch-up with projects piling each month.

To correct my act for 2022, I wish to not continue to make monthly promises of content that may or may not happen and simply focus on working on content in the present time rather than planning ahead for the future, thus reducing stress and obligations to deliver on unnecessary promises – something that is a bad habit of mine which I fall in to far too often.

Next month is going to be the final Monthly news of EroGuySensei, which after I will simply continue to work on new content as usual, without a monthly report. To continue to communicate with all of you, I will be making individual posts when necessary, categorized in the “Announcements” section on the blog page.

This has been EroGuy news of November. I would like to thank my Patreon supporters who have allowed a continued flow of monthly adults games to be introduced in greater detail that otherwise would not have been possible!

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