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For the month of June, I am happy to announce the return of Zenaku and Monsters Survive visual novels, though with a change in the original plan informed in the previous monthly news. There is also more translated DoHna DoHna content to share as a sneak peek, as well as an announcement of an extra Japanese exclusive AAA adult game for the month of June, and more!

But before all that, let’s check out what I was able to bring you last month:

Rance Quest Magnum was perhaps the most exciting content to work on for the month of May. I got a chance to really get into the series by expanding my knowledge of its rich lore, and because of it, I am quite excited to bring more Rance content in the future. I might even jump to Rance X: Showdown at some point even if the game may not be translated yet by MangaGamer. Do let me know if this is something you would like to see in the near future.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the meat of this post and see how things are going, what new things are coming, and what changes are being made.

Table of Content:

Evenicle 2: Patreon Goal Reward!

Evenicle 2 Main Menu Screen

A very small but long-time goal of mine on Patreon has been reaching my first 10 patrons. That goal was reached just last month and to celebrate it I had promised to bring you one extra Japanese exclusive AAA adult game on top of my already announced content, a way to thank you for showing me that what I do here is worthy of your time and hard-earned money ^^

The game I have chosen to bring to your attention in more detail is Evenicle 2. Developed by Alicesoft, this is a game that released back in 2019, a sequel to the first Evenicle that received great success both in the Eastern and Western markets. Truth to be told, this game has been on my radar for quite some time now, but knowing Alicesoft is working on an official English translation for it, I saw it best to delay my take on it until the Western release would arrive. However, it appears my plans have changed a little…

I will now begin working on Evenicle 2 content, translating bits and parts of it where necessary to let you know more about the game in English. This is not going to be as big of a translation project as DoHna DoHna, but nevertheless, you shall enjoy Evenicle 2 content in more detail and in advance before the official English version from Alicesoft drops. Do note that even if my support on Patreon falls below 10 patrons, this reward still stands. Once the deliverance of this reward has been completed, I am then ready to announce my next goal on Patreon.

Evenicle 2 has a free English demo available on Steam for you to play and try the game out. This is also something that I will bring more to your attention in greater detail in the near future, but beyond the demo, you shall see more of the game here at Eroguysensei!

I would also like to take this opportunity to let everyone know just how crucial Patreon is to my work as I am still building strong traffic to my website that is yet to pay anything back. Every game is out of my own pocket and so every bit of support helps tremendously to lower the economic burden that comes with having to purchase new games constantly for this line of work. For my monthly subscribers on Patreon, I am ever so grateful for your support and hope that Evenicle 2 will serve as an exciting reward worth knowing more about in greater detail!

Evenicle 2 artwork and logo

DoHna DoHna Project Update #2

The ongoing project to bring you DoHna DoHna How-to-play guide in English, as well as some story and H-content, is progressing quite smoothly, though there is still plenty of work to do.

The tutorial sections have been relatively quick and easy while the story cutscenes have kept me busy figuring out fancy complex words related to the business world and names of side characters that I do not wish to mess up in translation but know I am going to anyway…

On top of this, I am finding myself in a dilemma trying to decide upon what kind of personality to place on certain characters who tend to talk in a more unusual way, like Porno for instance. For now, they are enough to tell the story but I might go back and change some lines for some characters to make them sound more natural in their own skin – A job for the final polishing process before the first episode is out. If you find a character way off in text compared to how they sound, your feedback is appreciated in this regard. Any form of feedback is also very much welcome!

As a reminder, the first episode of translated DoHna DoHna gameplay will go over the beginning chapter which introduces you to the main characters and teaches you how to play the game. With the first episode, you should be able to learn how to play the game on your own and even understand the basic premise of the story. Everything that follows after that is just icing on the cake for anyone who wishes to know more about the story and enjoy some of the H-scenes in English.

For any newcomers just hearing about the DoHna DoHna translation project, I am not on a quest to translate the entire game. The continuation of the project after the first few episodes is going to be solely based on its popularity.

As of right now, I am not comfortable announcing the upload date of the first episode as I like to avoid putting any pressure on myself for something that I do not get to work on nearly as much as a project of this size deserves. After all, I still got adult gaming news to run and the nine-to-five job to attend to on top of DoHna DoHna. My apologies for the continued suspense.

On a quick sidenote, DLsite has just recently translated the Japanese description of the game to English. In case you want to learn a bit more about DoHna DoHna’s story and its characters, now you can! The name of the game has also been translated as “DoHna DoHna ~Let’s Be Bad Together~”. Do note that this name may have been given by DLsite. For now, the English title has not been officially confirmed to the public by Alicesoft. The correct translation of the original title is “DoHna DoHna Let’s Do Bad Things Together”. There really is no official English name for the game as of right now but many go by the latter.

Kuma and Porno at the park

Zenaku and Monsters Survive

sexy anime school girls at train station

Zenaku: Good & Evil and Monsters Survive: Lose and Reproduce were the two main Japanese exclusive visual novels I used to translate a while back before deciding on freezing them both in favor of focusing on delivering news and reviews of adult games. This was a hard decision to make, something that I have regretted ever since because it was the only thing keeping me studying Japanese regularly, and of course, I knew just how much people enjoyed them both despite the lack of a strong audience worth producing content for compared to how much work goes into translating the episodes. It may have not been popular, but it was my passion project, one that I wish to return to as soon as possible.

Both Zenaku and Monsters Survive are now returning with their original episodes available in English, later this week. While I have no plan on continuing to translate more episodes for neither of them for as long as I continue to work on DoHna DoHna, just know that they are back and eventually will start receiving new episodes once the time is right.

Riot police characters from DoHna DoHna

Though I have been burning with great desire to want to return to translate visual novels, in our last meeting, my web manager has advised against this idea due to the remarkable growth of traffic on the website that has now begun to steadily climb towards healthy numbers. This may very well hold the key for me to turn into a full-time job somewhere next year if I am willing to continue on the same path without major changes to the content formula that may have a negative effect on the already established audience.

In the off chance of being able to turn EroGuySensei into a full-time job that would allow me to quit my current nine-to-five job and dedicate all my time to bringing you news about adult games, then that is something I would be more than willing to postpone my return to translate visual novel stories in full. As much as I have grown out of the whole idea of making reviewing adult games my lifetime career, I do find great joy in covering adult games and sharing my findings with the rest of you so you too may enjoy great games worth your time and money without the hassle of rummaging through piles of low-quality crap and asset flips. After all, there is a good reason why I began this path in the first place, and visual novels only came after that…

With the DoHna DoHna project and similar projects planned for the future, I have discovered a suitable way to satisfy my need of translating Japanese exclusive content while providing something of great value to my audience. I think this is a path that can carry me all the way to next year if things continue on the positive side when it comes to the growth of the website. But in case things take a great dip towards the negative side and I no longer find a reason to continue to cover adult games, I know what my plan B is going to be and with that, I find the strength and energy to push forward, knowing that whatever happens, I have my visual novel translation work waiting for me at the end of it all.

Having said all that, it is completely possible that I may occasionally offer new episodes for Zenaku and Monsters Survive if there is time but I will not make any promises nor take any pressure in doing so. Following my web manager’s advice (for now), the adult game news coverage will continue to take priority over translation work.

MonstersSurvive Gallery ep1 1 - Hentai - NSFW

Closed Game

Closed Game Coverart

To a pleasant surprise, Closed Game has received a localized English version, published by JAST USA. Having been to Japan some years ago and got myself familiarized with this popular eroge, unfortunately, I missed my chance to get the game and SeiShoujo’s artbook to my physical collection. Having almost forgotten about it completely, I have now been reminded of the game’s existence along with an ideal time to bring Closed Game to your attention.

Having already purchased a digital copy of the localized version via JAST USA, I have been playing through the story for a while now with an aim to bring you the usual trailer but also raw gameplay, not to forget all the information you will need to make a purchasing decision of your own. As excited as I am to bring the game to your attention now, I do regret that I was too late to bring the trailer as last month’s end-of-the-month content due to lack of time getting to work on EroGuySensei. My nine-to-five job has been absolutely butchering my usual workflow for the past few weeks. I apologize for the lack of content for last week.

You will soon get to learn more about Closed Game but in short, this is a dark twisted visual novel drawn in a colorful world with absolutely stunning character art, guided by kick-ass music that most likely many will end up adding to their personal music library. The story follows the general concept of “The Hunger Games” movies and it offers some heavy themes both inside and outside the sexual content. While it is not particularly grotesque or anything, this is not your average Happy Go ‘Round eroge, that’s for sure. Stay tuned for the trailer and gameplay, coming very soon!

Closed Game Main Menu Screen

Server transfer Update

From my last meeting with my web manager, I have now confirmed that the formerly mentioned server transfer of the website is going to take place within two weeks from now as we still have some time before the current server shuts down. No specific date can be told as my web manager works on a flexible schedule but do be aware that if you happen to see the website offline in the coming weeks, this most likely means that we are simply transferring the website to a new server and there is no need for confusion.

The server transfer is expected to be a quick and smooth process, you might not even notice it. But what comes after that is a user experience based on a cheaper lower quality server that may or may not have an impact on your browsing experience on the site when it comes to loading new pages and buffering videos. We hope the experience will remain the same as thus far if not better, but cheaper servers are not usually known for their fast data-transfer speeds. Here’s hoping for the best!

Another thing to note after the server transfer is that there is a small possibility that some links and videos may be broken, and if so, I will be spending a couple of days going through all the content relinking and reuploading what has been lost. We hope it does not come to this, but we have a history of that happening during server transfers, and even when I have been assured that the same mistake will not repeat itself now that the website is built more secure and steady from before, I still am ready to expect some extra work on my part that may affect the flow of new content for the week when the transfer takes place.

That is all of the news for the month of June. Before I go, I just want to quickly mention the unmentioned. Naturally, behind the scenes, I am still scheduled and working on Subverse and other formerly announced content like Fallen Doll, KukkoroDays, Castle in the Clouds, The Witch’s Endless Corridor, just to name a few. I hoped to have already brought these to you a long time ago but in lack of time and in favor of new fresh games, the progress has been slow. Because of this, I have now taken a more firm stand on going through old content with an updated schedule to work on these games so that at least one or two would definitely find their way into the monthly roster of new content. Eventually, I will get around each of them one by one. In fact, you might be seeing one of them very soon!

Thank you for your continued interest and support in the work I do here. I love your comments and the support I have got on DoHna DoHna, as well as on other games I have covered thus far. I hope to amaze you with even more great games for the coming months! See you in July!

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