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Continuing the monthly tradition of bringing you news about what is going on in the life of EroGuySensei, this is a month of great appreciation towards all of you who have supported me here on the site, Twitter, and Patreon.

With no new major projects ahead of me other than what has already been mentioned before, for the month of July and perhaps even the next one, I am hoping to have more time to deliver news about smaller games so that each week can be rich in new games to look forward to.

This is the month I also wish to start going back to some of my old content and bring the long-promised gameplay footage of them for more detailed coverage that they never received due to financial struggle or time limitations. These are but one of July’s planned content lineup.

Like always, before the good stuff, let’s first check out what I was able to bring you last month (June):

Ever so glad to be done with Subverse, this project, though enjoyable to play, proved to be quite a big challenge in midst of all other projects and personal duties I had to face for the past weeks and months. It is a grim reminder to me why I am no longer making reviews in video format. These types of game review projects simply take ages to finish when not being able to dedicate full time to them.

But despite all this, I still work hard to deliver high-quality reviews, even if in written form, ones that will give plenty of insight for a potential customer. After all, my goal is not to make the reviews about myself but to provide my audience the information they are looking for when making a purchasing decision.

Closed Game is still getting a review, something that I am working on as we speak. Though some may wonder why I “waste my time” on games that I have already covered in form of a trailer description or raw gameplay footage, it is good to point out that reviews are a very important type of content that drives more traffic to the site while providing valuable information for people specifically searching for them. It is a win-win situation from which even you as a long-time visitor can benefit as the website grows thanks to the fruits of this labor.

Table of content:

Evenicle 2 Project Update #1

Evenicle 2 characters preparing to strike

Having now finished delivering Evenicle 2 trailer and demo gameplay, my next step is to start working on the Japanese exclusive full version, still waiting to be officially translated by Alicesoft. While there is no telling exactly when I get to upload the first raw gameplay footage, the wait should not be a long one.

Since Evenicle 2 is getting an official translation from its developers, there is no need for me to waste time translating episodes for other than key information so that viewers can follow and learn more about the game while waiting for the English version to be released.

Do note that Evenicle 2, just like its predecessor, is a very lengthy game, one that I absolutely can not hope to review any time soon. Still working my way ever so slowly through the first Evenicle, these are the types of games that may take months before seeing a review from me. But that is okay, I am in no hurry on this part and will still be providing content about them every now and then.

It may very well be possible that Alicesoft might be the first to release their English version of Evenicle 2 before I have the chance to deliver this Patreon reward in full. In such a case, I will simply change the project to something else of same value.

Evenicle 2 project will hold inside;

  • More raw gameplay footage (with key moments translated to English)
  • Sex demonstration with no translation (Similar to Subverse, Succubus Cafe, and Fallen Doll)
  • A small How-to-play English guide (Translated menus and battle system for new characters, etc).
  • Review

DoHna DoHna Project Update #3

DoHna DoHna restaurant scene in English

Unfortunately at this time, I have no new video to share about DoHna DoHna. The progress has been slowed due to work and family matters. Rather than showing bits and pieces of unfinished translations in a desperate attempt to keep excitement up for the project, I want to hold back and only deliver full segments worth watching. Worry not though, despite this small setback I have suffered for the month of June, you shall have a short full segment of DoHna DoHna English translation ready somewhere in the middle of July.

Based on the site statistics, DoHna DoHna has grown to be one of the most anticipated contents in such a short time, and thanks to this, translating DoHna DoHna has transformed from a mundane job into something absolutely enjoyable for me, to which I owe the thanks to you all! I really hope to make a difference in bringing more attention to this game and allow Alicesoft to see that there is a strong western audience hoping for an official localization from them.

Patreon Appreciation Program

Patreon Funded Program Small2 - Hentai - NSFW

It has been such a humbling experience gaining new patrons on Patreon in such a short while, some of whom have been very generous with their amount of monthly donations. Having said that, every bit of donation helps and is greatly appreciated no matter how small, never let yourself think otherwise.

It is thanks to you that I have been able to cover pay-to-play games during weeks and months when my financial situation has been on a downslope. Covering video games is no cheap line of work, especially for an average working Joe like myself who lives from paycheck to paycheck just to stay afloat. There is always an abundance of new exciting games to cover but only a limited amount of money to go around. It is you who reached your wallet in my time of need to help me cover more games and I want to show my appreciation by letting you know exactly what games were afforded with the help of your support.

From here on, every game that I cover using Patreon money will have a special label in the description letting everyone know exactly what kind of difference your support makes to my work. In case you wish to have your Patreon name tag and pledge amount displayed alongside the Funded label, you can contact me to request this.

It is my hope that by doing all this, not only do you feel more motivated to stay as a patron but it will also allow others to see the worth of their potential donation that can help EroGuySensei to grow faster into something that I may one day have a chance to work on full-time and bring more quality games to your attention each month.

The label you see above is a just quick work of mine that may be subject to change. I wanted you to have an idea of what to expect from the upcoming Appreciation program.

Again, I thank you for your support and will work hard to prove worthy of continued support on Patreon!

Server Stability Report

Last month went through a server transfer in which we said goodbye to our old private custom server and welcomed our new overlords that have provided us a cheap home to continue the operation of adult video games news coverage.

With the new server came a small handful of improvements to our backend tools that we use to improve user experience on the site. Or more specifically, my web designer can utilize it because I personally do not know much about creating websites and thus am at the mercy of his design. But jokes aside, the man has done a wonderful job creating and I feel quite humbled to be able to deliver news on such a clean and crisp website that only keeps growing and improving both visually and with added features – slowly but surely.

I have been monitoring the site’s performance since the transfer and from what I have seen, it appears that my fears of a slower server were for nothing as we have actually gained momentum in which the site and its content load much faster in general. Naturally, your experience may vary depending on your own bandwidth.

Formerly limited to a maximum of 500Mb videos, I can finally upload bigger and longer ones, rendered in 1080p 60fps quality! These are naturally reserved for short trailers and fast-moving gameplay footage as not everyone has the best internet connection to run high-quality videos from start to finish nor has the interest to wait around buffering videos all day.

As we are still missing the long-requested feature of users having the ability to manipulate video quality similar to sites like YouTube, I hold back from uploading too many high-quality videos where they are not necessary. Once we get around to work on this feature, you can start to expect to see improved video quality across the site.

It is our firm belief that at this rate, next year will be supported enough to be able to afford many expected features, and even amazing ones that will truly make the site unique from the rest. Right now, we are still building the foundation of a stable website that can offer a basic but comfortable user experience all around.

With much work still left to do for this year, we cannot wait to see the fruits of our labor at the end of it. We hope to hear feedback from you as you continue to use the website so that we can be aware of any issues and improve the experience sooner rather than later.

New Account System

After well over a year since the launch, we have finally been able to bring you a new user feature allowing visitors to create an account which to use to comment across the platform on different content. Even though visitors can already comment without an account, we do understand that for regular visitors this was not ideal as creating an identity on the website is part of the social experience and an important one at that.

Having a personalized account is the very first step of creating a web community. We get it, shadow commenting is no fun. Personally, unless I cannot make myself an account with my own name tag, there is no motivation for me to keep coming back and comment as I am not building an identity on a website as a regular that people can recognize in some shape or form.

Now that the website has finally started to gain momentum with many returning weekly visitors, we are quite eager to start building a community in order to open up a two-way communication in which the audience (that’s you) can express themselves and share their opinion on different content that they watch and read across the site. It is also one way for you to have an influence on the type of adult games that get featured here.

Having said all that, I do think it was too early to introduce the account system, seeing as it still needs quite a lot of polish to work properly as intended. But unfortunately, we are not in a position in which we can afford to keep the website down for too long. So it was decided that we would launch the new account system in an unfinished state and continue to work it from there throughout the coming weeks and months.

Eventually, we hope to build the account system into something wonderful that not only provides the ability to comment with a personalized profile, but would also reward active users, and allow them to discover like-minded people with whom to form teams and build adult games together, etc. While this is a long-term goal of mine, it all starts here by forming a strong healthy community that can make it all possible.

For now, we ask for you to be patient as we work to fix and improve the account system to a usable state. We would love to hear feedback from you once you get the opportunity to get your hands on a working account of your own.

As getting visitors to comment will act as the final missing piece in boosting the site’s ranking in Search engines, this is something we truly want to get in working order as soon as possible.

That is all the news for the month of July. Before leaving, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all who have been supporting EroGuySensei and allowing us to grow over the last year and then some.

Those of you who have shown support on Patreon and Twitter, and those who have trusted us as the number one platform to search for quality adult games, ones that revisit the website regularly and even go as far as taking the time to read my monthly news posts, you are AWESOME! It is for you to whom I am happy to work hard bringing weekly adult content and user-friendly improvements.

With everything said and done, I see you all once again on the 1st of August.

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  1. Yaiiiii new account 😀

    Im glad the website is back online and doing well.

    I also agree that reviews are a thing people look for, specially when talking about videogames… raw gameplay and trailers are great but sometimes you need the extra insight of someone who you trust and actually played the game to better understand if the game is worth it.

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