EroGuySensei News February 2021

eroguysensei february news 2021

Time for the monthly EroGuySensei news! For those who are new here and do not know what this blog post is about, well, it is very simple. Once a month I come to update you with topics relating to my content and how things are going, and if there are any important changes happening.

Normally I would tell you to pick the topic of your viewing interest down below, but for the February News, there are going to be some big changes to how I will continue to move forward as a content creator.

First of all, just a minor change to the monthly news. Instead of releasing these at the end of each month and naming them for that month when the month is already over, you shall receive the monthly news on the first day of each month going forward.

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Removing filler content [Important]

Ever so slowly, I am trying to build my way to make EroGuySensei a popular platform of adult video gaming news and reviews. However, the road to my destination has been a bumpy one, filled with unnecessary promises and content that has nothing to do with the main show.

Every year I aim to become more professional with my craft, and for this reason, in the last month, I have consulted various specialists of people who teach how to run a successful Website and YouTube channel. To my utter shock, each of these individuals has come to the same conclusion when viewing my content as a whole. They all found that I am offering too many different types of content.

I never really thought about SEO and Google/YouTube algorithms before just recently when I began optimizing my website for a better user experience. Again, to my shock, I have been doing my work completely wrong for all these years, and it actually explains my extremely slow growth a lot now that I think about it…

When new viewers come pouring in from different types of content I have created, many of these people are expecting to see more of the same content. However, to their surprise, they are greeted by completely different entertainment, mainly adult gaming news and reviews.

Just imagine jumping in wanting to watch Zenaku or Monsters Survive, for example, only to find out that neither of these shows is running consistently with new episodes every week, but rather, they look absolutely dead with new episodes ever so rarely. Naturally, not many will stick around…

The same is true to HMVs and pretty much anything that has nothing to do with my main content. As much as I enjoy working on these projects, they are damaging to my growth as a video game news platform.

Not only are my filler content taking away some serious hours from my main content that I should be working on, but based on the site statistics, there are not that many who actually even watch them.

With all that said, it comes with a heavy decision for me to announce that I am dropping all the filler content from my website with an aim to focus solely on bringing content about adult gaming news and reviews.

Truth to be told, this has been a long time coming, and while I understand that there are those who are disappointed to hear this, it is a change that would have come sooner or later.

My method of creating content for the past years has been leading me towards a dark future from which crawling out of would prove to be harder and harder the longer I keep things the same.

Over the past couple of years, I have driven myself to a corner with all the content I have created on top of my main show, thinking this will allow me to work on projects that I am passionate about while delivering people what they want to watch. But in truth, I have only ended up creating an inconsistent and unstable package of content that not even I can keep up with what the hell it is I should work on at a given time.

I want you to know, as dishonest as it may sound, this decision is soul-crushing to me. Zenaku and Monsters Survive were the only effective way for me to find the time to surround myself with the Japanese language and keep improving my Japanese in the middle of my hectic lifestyle. I have poured countless hours translating all the episodes thus far and seeing all that work go down the drain is not something I take pleasure in.

The same is true for my HMVs, but that is a little different since I have not had the chance to actually work on them for that long to grow too attached to the content.

Look, I have no idea whether or not EroGuySensei is going to become a lasting thing. This is actually my last year trying to make a difference. Since I have been doing this for over three years now and this “hobby” is only becoming more and more expensive with each year, I am not looking forward to going into my fifth year after 2021 if things are still looking stale for me. This is the year to get serious.

I want you to know that this decision of me removing the filler content was just as surprising to me as it is for you. Even though I can not deny that I have thought about it in the past, I was not planning for this. But I have to face the reality and make the call before I am in too deep. The longer I would have continued, the more people I would have ended up disappointing.

I am done being a one-man army trying to do everything, only to not get anything done. This year, I will try my best to focus on my main content, upload more often on YouTube and here on the website. Even though it comes with a bitter sacrifice, this is the only way to make a real change.

At least when 2021 is over, and if nothing has changed, I can at least say I did my best. At that point, I shall weigh my work and decide if I wish to continue to work on being an adult video game reporter.

EroGuySensei is not the only thing in the world for me. I could be a full-time visual novel translator, HMV/AMV maker, or return to my oldest craft of being an NSFW digital artist, just to name a few.

I am not planning on failing, I am simply letting you know that you do not need to feel sorry for me or anything. Whatever ends up happening, I welcome it with open arms.

Requesting removed content

Since the website will no longer be providing visual novels, those interested can still request the deleted episodes by contacting me. The same is true for HMVs since I will not be uploading them on any adult sites after all.

I announced just last month that I would be delivering Zenaku Episode 5, I am not walking back on those words, I am still delivering it just the same for those interested. Again, just contact me and I will hit you with the episode once it is finished. Currently, half of the episode has already been translated.

I am not announcing Zenaku and Monsters Survive completely dead projects. I wish to return to them one day, when and if all this is over. Translating visual novels requires a tremendous amount of time and as such, just like my main content, it deserves to be focused on without distractions.

Had I started as a full-time visual novel translator instead of a video game reporter, both Zenaku and Monsters Survive would have been finished by now, imagine that. I rather wait for a better time to continue to work on them when I can actually dedicate myself to these projects.

Website User-friendly Optimization

Thanks to the SEO strategy that I have been following for a short while now, I have seen a huge increase in traffic to the website, these are outstanding results!

Finally, I am slowly getting ranked on Google and other search engines. While the results are nothing astronomical, the data indicates that I am finally in the right direction. If only I had paid attention to SEO when I first started out…

For the last month, I have been hard at work optimizing the user experience here at I have been going through old videos, updating their information, thumbnails if necessary, filter options, fixing broken links, etc.

I have also started to pay even more attention to video and image file sizes than before. This is to decrease the overall loading times when browsing the site and watching videos.

If you find some videos hard to watch due to slow buffering, it may be due to badly compressed video file size. On these occasions, I ask you to simply contact me and let me know so I can fix the problem. But do not forget to make sure that your own internet is not the problem before contacting.

There is a lot of content already available on the website and I am yet to optimize them all. Once all the content has been brought up to date, I can focus more on delivering new content.

On the home page, you can now see the full list of videos with an infinite scroll for more content. The videos are recommended by random and they change when refreshing the page. This is so you can always discover something new to watch. If you want to see videos listed based on upload date, you can use the ‘Hentai Games’ section.

More changes and new features are being worked on. If you have a specific feature you would like to see on the website, do not hesitate to leave a comment down below.

I am aware of the video-quality-option feature that has been requested before, but unfortunately, this is not something that can be implemented at this point in time. Hopefully, I can have the chance to introduce it in the future.


I understand that this month was especially crushing to some who have been waiting to see more visual novels and HMVs, but know that this was a necessary sacrifice. There were just too many reasons to cut the cord and too few viewers to give reason to hold back.

Had I continued down this line of providing multiple different types of content, it would be highly probable that I would have ended up having to shut down the entire show. This was an unsustainable way of life for me, one that I have walked far too long. Now I can finally focus on what is important and start providing more content more often!

I thank you for your continued support and interest in the work I do here at EroGuySensei. With everything said and done, we will see again at the start of next month!

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5 Responses

  1. Im a (relatively) new fan of this project, so I never got to really know your work as translator or HMV maker, so I don’t really mind this change. Im glad you can focus full on reviews and news and I hope this year your website and youtube channel explodes to the popularity it deserves.

    Now, Im sure you don’t really need the advice of a nobody like me, but I still want to suggest a couple things.

    1.- Im a subscriber to your youtube channel, and when you just uploaded the video of “What a Legend” I though to myself “I could go to the website to see the uncensored version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” and found out it wasn’t easy to access your content of What a Legend in the main page. I know there is no video about it yet, but you made a cool article a couple days ago and wasn’t that easy to find it from the frontpage. You should expect every time you upload a video in youtube to bring people to the website looking for more info on that game so they should be able to find the related article with ease.

    So in short, I think it would be good for the user experience to sync the release of the video on youtube with the explicit version on the website (or even a trailer if you don’t want to make a separate video, the idea is that it appears on the Latest videos section) so that will be the first thing people see on the front page when they find this site.

    2.-A good way to grow a youtube channel is by doing collaborations with other content creators. sydsnap is a female youtuber with +500k subscribers and she focus mainly on lewd content (talking about eroges, hentai and stuff) or The Anime Man, who usually tackles lewd content on his channel as well so try to reach people like those and maybe you could bring more eyeballs to your amazing content 🙂

    That’s it, feel free to ignore my suggestions if they are trash XD I love your content and I will forever be grateful to you for showing me there are actual adult games that are made with love and care and aren’t all just low effort cash grabs.

    1. I greatly appreciate your suggestions and have taken them into consideration. You are absolutely right about syncing the censored YouTube version with the uncensored one when releasing new content. I will try my best to time the release of both versions for future content, thanks for the feedback! As for the collaboration, I am always on the lookout for possible collaboration opportunities and hopefully, such opportunities will present themselves sooner rather than later. Again, thank you for the comment, and do not worry about the wall of text, I enjoy this type of constructive feedback ^^

  2. What a shame. I know a lot of your fans, including myself are mostly here due to your translation efforts.

    Would you be willing to hand over your translation work to someone else willing to finish the translation? Then all the work and waiting won’t have been for nothing, as a lot of people have anticipated these games for a very long time.

    1. If someone has the skill and a will to translate these games, they don’t need my permission for it. They can use what I have translated thus far and continue from there, I don’t mind, quite the opposite actually, I would love to see people be able to enjoy these games in English as soon as possible, that is why I began translating them in the first place ^^

      But as I said in my post, I am not announcing these projects dead, I will eventually return to finish what I started when I can actually dedicate the proper time for it. It all depends on how this year goes for me on the whole adult gaming news and reviews department…

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