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This monthly news post marks the end of 2021 and welcomes the fifth year of EroGuySensei. It has been a long journey for me covering adult games and I hope the list of games the site provides today has proved itself useful to you.

Thanks to a great increase in traffic on the site and a growing interest from several sources for business and collaboration, it gives me hope that EroGuySensei can grow to become something wonderful, a reason for me to keep working hard and investing both time and money in it. However, as my obligations and daily challenges force me elsewhere, next year will be the final push for me with a goal to turn EroGuySensei into a full-time job.

For the final monthly news, I will simply announce a new change that EroGuySensei will be experiencing going into 2022, but before that, here is the last month’s content I was able to bring you…

Last month content {November):

Out of all the adult games I have had the pleasure to play throughout these four years, DoHna DoHna proved to be the most enjoyable experience thus far, one that I continue to play till completion with an aim to review once finished.

Wild Life surprised me with its major development progress that now includes a playable demo with an actual story. It has quickly become one of my most anticipated games that I will certainly continue to cover in the future as well.

In my quest to find worthy Gacha and time-management games, Booty Farm has been a delightful experience that has shown me that this generally hated mobile game genre filled with greed and paywalls can have some hidden gems worthy of attention. In no way is Booty Farm free of greed, but in comparison to countless similar titles I have played, it comes as something easy to digest and get into that does not necessarily require money in order to play and enjoy daily for multiple hours. I will continue to play Booty Farm and bring an update of the early and mid-game experience to see whether my opinion of it will change or not.

2022 changes

My transfer to the new job is finally over and me having now worked in the job long enough to see how it affects my work here at EroGuySensei, I am more confident to make a statement and necessary changes in order to adapt and be able to continue to cover adult games for you.

Unfortunately, the new job has forced a work rhythm on me that does not go well with EroGuySensei and my ability to create weekly new content. Just like a few years ago, I was working on EroGuySensei, and on top of this a very physically demanding job that deprived me of quality sleep and a social life that eventually led to burnout, something I am not planning to repeat.

Going forward, I will focus on my health and well-being more and take days off working on EroGuySensei where I see necessary. This will mean fewer monthly content which may not sound ideal to you but know that it is a necessary change if there is any hope for me to have the strength to keep going into 2022.

When there will be enough support, I will once more be able to dedicate more time to my work here, more than ever before, I might add. To have a clear goal that we can work towards together, I will soon release a new set of Patreon goals for 2022 in which the final goal will show just how much monthly income is required for me to be able to work on EroGuySensei full-time.

For those of you who have supported me thus far, know that I greatly appreciate what you have given me, for it has not only allowed me to cover games that otherwise would not have been possible, it has also motivated me to keep going and have faith in the future.

Despite a change that promises less, I want to leave 2021 giving you hope of a better future for EroGuySensei. Even though my time is very limited, know that this does not change the quality of my work or the effort I put into it. I always strive to improve and will continue to invest in new ways to make the website a more welcoming place to both old and new visitors.

As this is the final time you will be hearing monthly news from me, know that I will continue to communicate with you via separate announcements whenever necessary. Remember, I am always one comment away from being reached and will answer questions and feedback, so there is always a way to hear from me other than monthly news.

With everything said and done, I thank you for your continued interest in the work I do here and for reading the monthly news, I hope they have been an interesting read and insight into both my work and personal life and their challenges. Have a wonderful Christmas and New year!

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