EroGuySensei News April 2021

eroguysensei news update for april 2021

Welcome to follow April’s news report of things to come and things that have been going on as of late. As usual, with each month there are always new surprises both to you and me, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But before we get to the actual news, here is the list of my last month’s achievements content-wise.

Last month I was able to deliver news and content about:

HuniePop 2 Review should have made in the list, but since I had business to run yesterday, I missed the upload for March. That is not the only delay however, March ended up being a very busy month for me helping my family and their business which naturally impacted my ability to produce content for the month. I spent most of my time in March running day-long errands for my parents and helping them move to a new house which I am about to help to renovate in April and May. Again, something that will impact my monthly content, unfortunately…

Starting April, I will be getting back to working a nine-to-five job to afford to put food on the table, paying bills, and so on, but also to afford to buy adult games to make news and reviews. I wish to get back offering even more detailed news, reviews, and gameplay of AAA adult games, as well as both new indie titles and old ones that I have covered before like Castle in the Clouds, Geikoball, KukkoroDays, etc. I never planned to leave them cold for so long but I work with what I can afford each month.

Table of Content:

New PC

My return to the nine-to-five work cycle means that there will be less content than what you have gotten used to for the past few months, but I hope that with the money that comes with it, I can make this up to you by offering better quality content. I have already gotten a pretty neat employee benefit from my new boss, which is a powerful work computer for home use. With this new beast of a machine equipped with an RTX 3070 graphics card and AMD Ryzen 9 3900 processor + 32GB RAM, I will be able to record my future gameplay with maxed-out graphics while still holding a steady frame rate. For those who are not familiar with such computer language, in layman’s terms, it means that I will be able to provide better quality videos for you. Remember AI Shoujo Review for example? Yeah, no more low-graphics reviews!

There have been games like My Lust Wish that I have been downright unable to provide gameplay of due to horrible frame rates because my computer did not have the power to both run the game normally and record it at the same time. With the new computer, new doors have opened up to me to be able to provide you smooth gameplay footage.

Better computer not only boosts my gameplay performance while recording, but it also helps me tremendously for video editing, cutting down loading times, rendering, and all that requires waiting around. With my current computer, even though it is a beast of a machine of its own time, I have had to spend some days just to render content for the entire day – the new PC will be a huge improvement for saving time and being able to provide content faster than before! With that said, now, on to the actual content news…

DoHna DoHna Project Update #1

alicesoft visual novel games

Last month I announced DoHna DoHna Isshoni Warui Koto wo Shiyou project. For those who have not caught up on the announcement yet, this will be a big project where I will be providing you all the necessary guides and tools to enjoy the game despite it not having been officially translated to English. I will translate some of the gameplay parts like combat and menus, just to name a few, and also some parts of the story.

Naturally, a project of this size in midst of everything else I offer is bound to take some time and I am hoping not to repeat the mistake of Monsters Survive and Zenaku where I ended up delivering too much different types of content to a point where I had no time to finish anything and stressed out because of it. I want to take things slow this time, focus on my main content and let DoHna DoHna slowly progress on the background.

I originally had the plan to provide the first set of DoHna DoHna content in March, but having to run day-long errands for my parents and help with their sudden moving was an unexpected chain of events that ended up eating much of my time to work on the project. Subverse releasing at the end of the month also did not do me any favors…

Having said all that, you can expect to see a little bit of DoHna DoHna content in April. Now with the HuniePop 2 review almost out of the way, I can focus on finishing my Subverse review and after that, I will have more time working on DoHna DoHna before my next review projects.

little girl lost in a mall from Dohna Dohna
girls arguing with the main character from Dohna Dohna
Hunting location from Dohna Dohna

For you to get a better picture of what will be in store for DoHna DoHna, I have provided three simple early prototype images above to show what direction I am taking with the game’s translation. The font types and their placement are not final, but what you can already see is that I have hidden the original Japanese text to create a more immersive experience. They are there but just beneath the English text. This is not an English patch but mere photo manipulation and video editing trickery to almost give you the sensation of watching an English version of the game being played.

Naturally, I will not be able to translate absolutely everything on the screen depending on the situation, otherwise, this would take me a tremendous amount of time, so instead, I am only focusing on the key elements most vital for you to know what is going on at a given time.

As some of you know, I have worked on Zenaku and Monsters Survive English translations before, and despite having put the two projects to ice due to time limitations, translating adult games is a passion I do not wish to let go of. It is my hope that the DoHna DoHna translation project will inspire and give a reason for Alicesoft to release an official English translation for their game at some point.

Subverse Content

Hot sexy demon alien and professor

There has been some confusion among my viewers about my Subverse content and as to why I have chosen to provide a walkthrough of the game instead of just the typical review and moving on to other projects. Rest assured, the review is in the making, but I am also running an experiment by providing the walkthrough on top of the review.

During my years of running the adult gaming channel, I have had plenty of time to try all kinds of things to see what works and what does not. The Subverse walkthrough is just another new way for me to measure views, viewer behavior, and see how both my traffic on YouTube and here is affected by this new form of content.

Do not be afraid, I am not going to change EroGuySensei into a let’s play channel, Subverse is just a one-time unique experiment due to its strong volume of interest as a greatly hyped adult game. Subverse is the most ideal game to do this experiment and I have been waiting eagerly to see it through.

The Subverse walkthrough will give me valuable data that will provide answers to my puzzling questions about YouTube and Google algorithms and content upload frequency. While I am fully aware that the content is not something my primary audience is here to watch, I ask you to forgive me for this once and let me do my experiment in peace. I still continue to provide my main content that you are used to, and the Subverse walkthrough is not going to affect my main content too much, I assure you. The experiment should be concluded later this month so it will not be for long.

To make browsing easier on the site while the experiment is active, I am waiting to talk to my web designer so he could create and move the Subverse walkthrough to its own category so it will not be in the way of adult gaming news and reviews content. As for my YouTube channel, after the experiment is concluded, I will be moving the walkthrough videos to their own new channel where I will be continuing the experiment behind the scenes, but more about this in the next month’s news update…

HuniePop 2 Review Update

Pool party anime girls

A little late to the party but the HuniePop 2 Review is right around the corner! Due to March ending up being a very busy month for me, I had very little time to work on the review amongst other projects that I have been working on in the background.

I am almost done with the review and it should be available for you to watch within just a few days now! Even though I do feel like March ended up affecting the review’s overall quality, I did not wish to delay the review any longer than it had to. I had enough trouble just trying to beat the game’s final boss which ended up delaying the review more than I dare to admit…

Update: You can now watch the HuniePop 2 Review! [Important] has now been operating exactly for 1 year and 4 months, and I am now nearing my next annual bill for the server costs. For those who do not know, running this website is one of the biggest and most expensive costs I pay for my adult gaming news work on top of all the games I buy for news and review purposes, and it is something I used to have the money to afford while employed with good pay but that is no longer the case…

Now that things have changed, I will not be able to afford the next annual bill and because of this, I am forced to move the website to a smaller server. I have been discussing this with my web manager and what I have come to understand is that things are not looking very good for the future of this website…

I began with a small server barely able to upload much content before reaching the upload limit, that is why I originally invested in a bigger and better server to be able to continue providing new content. With it came other benefits like the faster video loading times and browsing experience (even though these could be a lot better even now but better servers cost more money so I work with what I have.)

I hate the idea of having to return back to the old ways, but this time around, it simply would no longer be possible for all the content I have produced and what I am about to continue to produce. The small upload limit for a low-cost server is not for the type of content I make, so with that option out of the question, I may be forced to return to provide content on YouTube. This would mark the end of the uncensored content. As you can imagine, I am not thrilled by this situation either…

YouTube is shaky ground for my type of content and working on something that could be wiped away in the blink of an eye by YouTube’s infamous ban bots or some ill-minded trolls who abuse YouTube’s report system is not the kind of platform I want to build my future on. That is why I created the website, not only to be able to provide uncensored content for you all but also to secure my content and future in case my channel on YouTube ended up getting deleted. It is painfully obvious that with the following I currently have, I would not have the volume to reach YouTube’s staff for them to review my channel and return it back to me in case of deletion, so I am not even going to entertain that idea.

If you are wondering where all this is heading, no, this is not my way of starting to beg for money or anything like that, I am simply letting you know in advance of what is about to happen so you will not be surprised when the time comes. Even if I had the money to renew the server for another year, I already know that my time as an adult game news reporter is nearing its end, and while part of me is sad, another part of me is relieved, for this has been an extremely heavy road to walk for the past 3 years and then some. Some of you who have been following me for a long time know that the last two years were especially exhausting for me…

The problem is not the money, the problem is that my life is constantly moving towards a busier lifestyle that leaves very little room for something so demanding as adult game news work. There are other things that I have been wanting to pursue for a very long time now but having put so much time and effort into EroGuySensei, I guess I just went with it hoping for things to change for the better. But the truth is, forcing myself to succeed in something that will trade away other things I wish to pursue in life that is more important to me is no victory worth achieving.

The server shutdown that is currently out of my hands, is more of an excuse for me to finally let go of something that I should have done a long time ago. But before you gasp expecting for the worst, this is not a cringy goodbye message, far from it, I am simply preparing myself to transform my content into something new that is still NSFW-related, and it is my hope that you can continue to be part of my journey, whatever it may be. I have been throwing ideas of becoming an adult video game translator, adult game developer, or something that I used to be before EroGuySensei, an NSFW artist. I still got some time to think things over, and next month, I will have a more firm take on this whole situation and how I will continue to operate. but for now, for as long as EroGuySensei is still around, I focus on my work here.

I thank you for your continued interest in my work here at EroGuySensei and I will continue to work hard to deliver you news and reviews of adult games for this month and beyond! With everything said and done, this has been my monthly news update for April, I will see you next month.

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  1. I’ve only discovered you recently in the past few months and I do want to say that your time and effort really does show. Wish you were noticed more. Even if my following has been short, the news you’ve been able to provide has been greatly appreciated. I’m definitely curious to see where you head after this but I’m happy that you’re pursuing what you find important. I’ll definitely be following you.

    1. Thank you, it feels great to hear that, I hope I will still be able to produce some more gaming news worth to appreciate for the remainder of these months ^^

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