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In celebration of Hogwarts Legacy having been released, I decided to create Harry Potter NSFW art, featuring Hermione Granger with a random female student.

You can see Hermione testing her freshly crafted love potions on one of her classmates. This particular bottle in her hand promises to deliver the effect of strong heat and instant orgasm, and it appears to work quite well.

Something about magic brings it quite natural for me to create futanari art, something which I do not make nearly enough due to lack of time despite having the interest to make more.

For this piece, I originally wanted to create two versions, one being futanari and the other one normal. However, having two versions would have required me to spend more time in rendering and Photoshop, and since I had only a limited amount of time, I decided on futanari.

For my future Harry Potter works, Hermione will return with more potions, magic, and other characters to join her. For more futanari creations from me, check out Mother Miranda and Dead Space: Futa Mutation.

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